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Should you fear the stock market right now? We will talk about that, along with plenty of other topics in todays business and stock market news.

The VIX index is something that measures ‘how many investors are betting that market volatility will increase within 30 days’. The VIX is at it’s lowest point ever, meaning that investors are predicting low volatility for the next month or so.

Google announced its earnings which were great and exceeded expectations. Revenue was up 20%, earnings beat expectations, however that was not good enough to please wallstreet.

Mcdonalds absolutely smashed its earnings expectations which shot the stock up 5%!

Lyft and Taco Bell may be partnering. This is not a joke, and might actually be a good business idea. We will see!

Barnes and Noble is urged to sell the company to an E-Commerce giant. Maybe I will buy it in the future? 🙂

Domino’s Pizza had good revenue and earnings releases, but Wallstreet didn’t care, so the stock went down 9% today.

Michael Kors bought Jimmy Choo. I dont know anything about these two companies, but I had to mention it.




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