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Today’s video is fairly important because we talk about the best kind of investing. Investing in the hustle.

I met a man named Scot at the gym today who showed a great example of actual hustle. He was getting feedback on a gym product he was developing, and getting the bran name out there.

Here is a link to his site, I currently have no affiliation with the company:

Scot and his company inspired me to talk about the topic of investing in the hustle. Too many young solopreneurs want to build a million dollar business without putting in too much actual time and effort. They dont want to go out for hours on end, meet strangers, and trying to build their brand. They want it to be easy, and just sit inside all day while a few $5 facebook ads get a conversion on their website. Sure you may be successful doing that, but that is not how you build a true business.

Investing in the stock market and real estate are great ways to make money, but the best investment you can make is investing in yourself and your business. The highest ROI I have ever gotten in my life was on equipment and tools that I used to build my businesses. We are talking ROI’s of 1000%+. That is better than any stock in the stock market, or any real estate property you buy. Invest in yourself. Invest in the hustle.


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