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There is a new richest person on earth (at least for a few minutes). That person has founded a Space Company, an Online E-Commerce Marketplace, invested in companies such as Uber, Google, AirBnB, and owns the Washington Post. Don’t know who it is?

Who would’ve guessed it’d be the nerdy looking book salesman of 1994. It is none other than Jeff Bezos. Amazon’s stock has risen so much in the past year that his net worth has nearly doubled in that timeframe. Sure, if you adjusted the P/E ratio of Microsoft to be similar to Amazons, Bill gates would have a net worth of $400 Billion+ but lets not let the overvalued stock market ruin this day.

What this means for the business world is that companies that connect people, and get you onto a ‘cloud’ are more valuable than the old tech giants that made their money on hardware and software. Quietly, Mark Zuckerberg has climbed to #5 on the richest people in the world list while Facebook had its Valuation reach $500 Billion today.

It’s amazing what has happened in the past 15 years. Companies that didn’t exist in 2003 are now amongst the highest valued companies in the world. What a world we live in. This is the perfect time to start a tech company because the barrier to entry is at its lowest point ever.



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