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In todays video we talk about swinging for the fences as an entrepreneur.

What is swinging for the fences? It means that you are going all-in on a big idea. Why is this a bad thing you ask? Well most people will usually just jump right into a giant idea like creating the next ‘Apple’ or ‘Snapchat’ and most of them will come to see how difficult it really is to start a business. That is why most of those people will give up, or fail miserably, and never try again.

That is why I recommend to Entrepreneurs that they should try to hit singles and doubles right when they start building a business. Don’t try to build a Billion dollar business on your first try. Go for a business that will make you a 20-40k profit to start, then go from there. Businesses like that are easier to start and dont require the time commitment of those billion dollar ideas. So if you fail while trying to build a small business, it may have only cost you 40 hours of your time, while a big business failure could be 1000+ hours.

Once you hit enough singles, then that’s when you should start thinking about swinging for the fences. Don’t go for the all-or-nothing right out of the gates because that is where the entrepreneurial spirit goes to die.



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