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In this video we talk about Whole foods and Amazon reducing prices by almost 50% on some items. That’s significantly more than I thought it would be (I thought it’d be a 10-15% reduction).

We will also talk about some news from tesla and Elon Musk. Tesla’s 18 wheeler trucker could potentially hurt the economy as a whole, so I think regulators will step in here. The hyperloop competition had a winner yesterday when their hyperloop pod reached 324 km/h! Meaning that a drive from Toronto to windsor (which is normally 4.5 hours) can be done in under one hour!

I touch on the new Uber Ceo Dara Khosrowshahi and whether uber will ipo soon.

I also touch on our stock market winners and losers, as well as a new minimum wage law in Missouri.

New Uber CEO may get $200 million


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